Deeply rooted in Rhythm & Blues and the Rock And Roll era Hamid has always found special reprieve in strumming and singing the music of his genre.

From his early youth he was mesmerized by iconic superstars like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Cliff Richard, Beatles and many others, as he journeyed impersonating his idols at school & college concerts to Dinner Dance venues & stage performances. He has earned acclamation of audiences from different walks of life. 

Music has always studded his multifaceted life that includes long years of managing a pharmaceutical company and nurturing a successful family. 

At this point in time before the end of 2021 his talented younger sister Rubina wrote three poems that together with his music associate George Petersen an accomplished composer, created Hamid's debut Album. 

The 3 songs appeal to different life situations and sentiments.

Hamid Cocker ventures into original songs and music after decades of successful engagement of media & live audiences with music & songs of the 60's.

The guitar and Hamid have been great friends for decades. It all began with the era of “rhythm & blues" and ” rock & roll", and the two have been jamming  ever since. 

In his teenage years Hamid was mesmerized by iconic stars such as Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard amongst others, and he in turn took to the school stage at concerts and dinner events, rocking the songs of his many idols. He always left the audience wanting more and earned their acclamation and respect .Hamid presented at different venues throughout his life, even as a busy executive . Music has been his passion and hobby. 

While Hamid was initially influenced by music of the 60’s, he is a versatile singer.  He has dipped his toes in both western and Hindi music, spanning 60s thru current decades. 

Hamid is a retired business executive who headed the pharmaceutical division of Bayer East Africa ( BEA) for thirty three years.  A scientist at heart who majored in Biochemistry and in business administration (MBA),  Hamid has continued to wear  many different hats throughout his career.  Some of the  highlights include major successes & launches of pharmaceutical drugs in Kenya and surrounding countries in East Africa. He is an ardent fan of healthy living and active lifestyle.  A day in Hamid's work life would technically begin with either a 5-mile-long  jog or swimming laps at his favorite Grand Regency Hotel’s heated pool.  He enjoyed soccer and his passion for the sport helped him revive Bayer East Africa's soccer club to the point where the team reached top of the Nairobi League. 

While he was based in Nairobi, Kenya, he also showcased  his talent in acting by participating in musical  plays such as "Fiddler on the Roof" & "Heritage & Melody" that received regional recognition.  Hamid motivated his staff to sing and act in short plays written by himself , during celebratory dinners at National drug launches and at business events hosted by BEA.  Since 2013, Hamid has been an active member of a musical group YICG (Young Indian Cultural Group). Not only did Hamid quickly find favor with both his group members and the audiences at numerous  presentations by the group. Many an event  was highlighted by  Hamid's rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love with you" bringing the audiences to the dance floor and lending a memorable ending to the event. 

Recently Hamid's Voice and George's music have brought to life a few of the poems written by Hamid’s younger sister Rubina. Hamid is now on a new path in his music career, whereby he plans to leave an imprint in the music arena through original songs and music.