In this article, I would like to share my life’s activities that have greatly benefited me and changed my life. “DECPSS”  is the acronym that best describes the six keys that have become my mantra for a wholesome life.  These six letters will unfold the secrets of longevity and replenish both your soul and body, renewing your spirits and providing you with a more meaningful lifestyle. 

So let us be good listeners and “hear” our body when it is clearly screaming “no more” to the “gluttony”, to the “sedentary” way many have adopted tuning only into a “digital” world that eventually deprives them of the reality spinning so fast around them. 

There is always a “pay-off” or risk, if you will, when we take the needs of both our physical and mental needs for granted.  We are likely unaware that there is energy which regulates an equilibrium between mind and body. This is a delicate balance which if offset can trigger sickness and even death. 

So let me enlighten you to the keys of a healthier body, mind, soul and longevity. 


Are we mindful of how we treat our little sac, the stomach and its accessories? Just fill it up indiscriminately with items that satisfy our taste buds! It would make a difference if we were a little bit more conscious of offering it a bowl of colorful greens with rainbow colors as opposed to french fries or juicy burger and coke!! Our bodies need nourishment, a balance between macro (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) and micronutrients.  The latter include sodium,potassium,calcium,magnesium,zinc  and others can be found in a variety of greens, fruits and nuts.  There is a lot of information on these in the media, but this blog is a reminder that it is essential to cherry pick appropriate food items to replenish our body’s needs. 


My morning routine begins by hydrating my body with water in my 2 liter bottle  before changing into  my tracksuit and runners, after which I am off to a five mile-long jog. This is followed by another 40 minutes of cross training with my favorite weights!. As a beginner one should start slow and make gradual progress. Remember these valuable phrases “ Motion promotes Locomotion”  as opposed to “Rest Leads to Rust”. As far back as I can remember  I have been an ardent follower of gym workouts  mostly thrice a week, until the change of norm, with the onset of the covid pandemic, I immediately found a substitute and switched to roadworks and outdoor activities. Being   resident in a suburban neighborhood, it all turned out well for me.  If jogging is not your forte, walking is an ideal workout too.  Any form of exercise that you enjoy will certainly  help to improve immunity, mood, energy level, sleep quality and reduces anxiety. 


Discipline and consistency are  the foremost key elements necessary  to achieve positive results for  any endeavor one would undertake.  Be it learning to play a musical instrument, improving  your vocals, ab sculpting, acquiring new skills, it boils down to discipline and consistency of frequency.  These  will help improve your performance and  dexterity and rejuvenate your enthusiasm.  I say with caution that  we should be mindful to avoid falling prey to overtraining and getting fatigued in the process.  Moderation would help build stamina and go a long way in achieving your goals, creating joy and life lasting effects. 


The other day I asked a couple of my close friends and loved ones what their passion was. To my surprise it was not an easy question for some of them! It’s true that in the flow of our demanding and fast paced life many of us have not given any time to think about or to know what single activity could absorb the mind intensely enough to leave one feeling totally relaxed and refreshed at its completion regardless of when or how long it took to accomplish!  One friend that I can vouch for that will always stay by your side and cheer you up is your passion.  Passion can improve your performance at work, increase your confidence, mind quality, and even boost your social network. 

Be passionate and take your passion to different levels. One of my passions  is singing, playing guitar and creating new melodies.   I find this extremely therapeutic and I am certain this  contributes to the longevity of one’s mind and spirit. 


Sleep is fundamental for the functioning of the body. Regular sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours, is essential for the rejuvenation of the body functions. It rebuilds and repairs new tissues by detoxicating the metabolic system. The apocalypse of covid 19 has sensitized us about the health values and importance of building strong immunity to fight any future surprises or atrocities.  Good sleep is highly therapeutic. 


Your ability to sustain and stabilize your inner house, balance and coherence, to create harmony with your soul, bring joy, essence of life, activate your happy hormones (Serotonin, Dopamine), and to charge up your endorphins all together helps in reducing your anxiety,  depression and promotes more happiness in your daily life.


Hope you will be able to utilize the six keys for better lifestyle.Let me hear your thoughts.