Turn Your Dreams Into Reality



Somewhere, deeply embedded between the pages of our mind are images of desires we build up during our lifetime. Our mind and spirit relentlessly strive to see that some of those desires will come to fruition and become a reality. Unfortunately and for some reason they may never become a reality and therefore never exist beyond the mind.


Stay on Course

We have our unique narrative, which we aspire after but quite often put it off,  because we are not bold enough to pursue what may appear as a humongous, insurmountable  task ridden with  challenges. However, do you know that  staying on course with our targets and bearing up courage and stamina can eventually make you see light at the end of the tunnel?

Being goal oriented, is certainly a requisite that ensures success each time that an opportunity arises and if you are ready to hit the nail on the head!.


Be Ready For the Right Time

Writing a book someday was one of my latent desires but of course  I never visualized how to make a start since I was heavily involved with pursuing my passion in music that left me with little time for else.  But I must admit that somewhere deep in my mind there was a fiery desire to find time to write. I needed time away from my very consuming club and other  activities. I have also learnt from life that to be  in the right  place at the right time and with right people can one day kick start you on a path of fulfilling a pending goal.

Ironically the covid epidemic which was associated with deaths and human suffering, put us In a lockdown situation and families could spend time together, however the younger members of my family were getting impatient with extra time on their hands. This set the stage for us to carve out some “Zoom-time” to hear “Nana’s” story -my life’s journey, that  later translated into a memoir.

Storytelling is an art and people love to share their narratives. I came up with sharing my life’s story to my grandchildren and that  continued for well over a year. It was an enriching experience for me to go back down the memory lane, and sketch out an interesting narrative for a young audience, who not only showed a lot of enthusiasm, and curiosity to explore with me my exotic past in a land of wild animals, sunkissed grasslands and one of the best and most mysterious times of life in Kenya. Time ticked by during that year of storytelling and before I knew it, I had captured rich and adventurous nuggets of my life in the folds of paper, which now lie crisply transformed  into a book. A rich ensemble of my life’s chain of events, a memoir.


Believe in your Goal

My experience has taught me that if one deeply desires to achieve a goal, don’t hesitate, don’t shelve it away.  Own it, since it is your unique expectation and no one else can bring it to fruition for you. Approach it in a positive and confident way. Nothing comes easy, there is always dedication and hard work behind the success of every project. I appreciate the strong backing of my family, their positive and encouraging words were like the great tonic, that helped me to give structure and content to my book.

You need a lot of patience, for a book to come into print. The journey to getting the manuscript completed, and well edited is a long progressive journey.

Don’t be intimidated by looking at the works of big writers: start small, no procrastination and then visualize the final product! Ignore any competitive, overly burdensome, impressive or lofty images, that would try to discourage you and dissuade you from your golden journey!

Let your  passion illuminate, and breathe life into your work/book. Keep pressing on, just like I did and finally I am able to hold and feel my personal memoir “Songs of the Road Home”

If you have something to add that can motivate our readers please feel free to make your comment, it will be highly appreciated.


Some of you have read my book Songs Of The Road Home” and I am so grateful to you for your wonderfulI reviews. For those who haven’t had the chance yet to get a copy, I am making available the first two chapters of my book on this website. Once you start reading  you may want to carry on and acquire your own  copy  from Amazon or other bookstores or read it as an E-Book on Kindle.

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