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Let’s Talk And Listen More 

A Dilemma:

Do you realize we are doing less talking and also listening less? It is not a joke but a reality! We have allowed artificial surrogates to rip the essential fabric that united us and kept a healthy flow of communication, an essential tenet of the communal structure.

When was the last time that you sat down to have an uninterrupted dialogue with your teen, spouse or even a friend maintaining eye contact and enjoying a healthy debate? Let’s be honest, more often than not we have all been guilty of…

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In this article, I would like to share my life’s activities that have greatly benefited me and changed my life. “DECPSS”  is the acronym that best describes the six keys that have become my mantra for a wholesome life.  These six letters will unfold the secrets of longevity and replenish both your soul and body, renewing your spirits and providing you with a more meaningful lifestyle. 

So let us be good listeners and “hear” our body when it is clearly screaming “no more” to the “gluttony”, to the…

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